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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your beats on my YouTube Channel?

Yes! The YouTuber License ($9.99) is best for you. Just verify your license by emailing and any of the YouTube notices will be released from your video! This license also works for Instagram and Facebook creators.

How long does it take for a beat order to be delivered?

Beats are delivered instantly to your email after purchase is complete.

Will the beat still have the producer tag on it after I purchase it?

Yes, there will be one producer tag during the intro or outro of the beat unless you purchase the unlimited license that comes with the track files and untagged wav file.

Can I sell my New Song?

Yes! All license tiers (Premium and Premium With Stems) require an even 50-50 split of all mechanical (streams and direct sales), performance, and microsync royalties in perpetuity. The 50-50 split also applies to the administration rights of your New Song. Every time your perform your song you must log-in your show setlist on ASCAP OnStage or BMI Live so you can get paid your perfomance royalites. Below is an example of how your song should be registered on ASCAP or BMI for radio and performance royalties: | ASCAP |
SONGWRITER SHARE (ASCAP uses 50% as the total)
• YOU - 25%
• Marvillous Beats, BMI IPI# 00807178823 - 25% PUBLISHING SHARE (ASCAP uses 50% as the total) • YOU - 0%
• Marvillous Beats Worldwide, BMI IPI# 01075267451 - 100%
| BMI |
SONGWRITER SHARE (BMI uses 100% as the total) • YOU - 50%
• Marvillous Beats, IPI# 00807178823 - 50% PUBLISHING SHARE (BMI uses 100% as the total)
• YOU - 0%
• Marvillous Beats Worldwide, IPI# 01075267451 - 100% Publishing splits are 50-50 only with an exclusive license purchase.

Do you have bulk deals and discount codes?

Yes! All license tier bulk deals are as follows: Premium • Buy 2 Get 1 Free Discount Codes • "MARV39" for 39% of ALL licenses.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. All major credit cards are accepted. Sorry, there are absolutely no refunds do to the nature of digital products.

Do I have to credit you for the beat?

Yes. Credit for the production of the beat must be substantiated as "Produced by Marvillous Beats" on all distributions, physical reproductions, and publications of the New Song. For example, YouTube song/video titel should say (prod. Marvillous Beats) as well as the video description and the credits you submit to your DSP like DistroKid or Tunecore.

When do I have to re-license a beat?

You must renew your royalty-free basic license one (1) year from the date of purchase unless you have purchased a Premium, Pro, or Unlimited licenese tier.

Can I get the track files/stems to your beats?

Yes! Pro and Exclusive licenses include the track stems. Contact for more information.

Do your beats have cleared samples?

Yes. All beats that contain samples are clearable via and are $50 plus 10-20% of your share of the song. Beats with Tracklib samples will have a (*) next to the beat title.

Can I resell a beat after I buy it?


If I purchase a beat exclusively will it be taken off of your beat store?

Yes. You you will be the only one with the beat and the beat will be taken off the market!

Are you open to collabs?

Yes! Contact me for rates. Violin loops, violin features, and mixing services are always available.

Do you make custom beats?

Yes. Contact me directly at with details and an example song/video. Custom beats are either $129.99 where the beat will be added to the beat store after it's delivered to you or you can make an offer for the exclusive rights to the custom beat.

How do I purchase a beat exclusively?

Click the "+ADD" button on the beat you want and then select "Make An Offer" to make an offer for the exclusive rights. Responses take up to 48 hours.

Can I register my New Song on YouTube Content ID?

No. This is so all other parties that have licensed the beat don't get copyright strikes too. You can however, monetize your YouTube video. Just verify your license by emailing and your YouTube copyright notice will be removed from you video.

Can I use your beat or my New Song for a film, commercial or video game?

Contact for a new license agreement that will cover major synchornization deals.


Thanks! Message sent.